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This is a wonderful article on Houzz that The Finial Company was featured in.  That being said, the article is in French, so below is a, hopefully, not too loose interpretation for those who do not read French.

Do not bet only on the curtains. The rods are also involved in the decor!

 Laetitia Giry April 10, 2016
Houzz contributor - journalist. I love art and images without tired of searching the words to understand. Also love...

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Recently, four top paint companies (Benjamin Moore, Gladden, Sherwin Williams, and Behr) named Off-White the on trend color for 2016. What a great choice! White is clean, it’s easy to coordinate with accent colors, and it’s very forgiving, giving you a clean slate from which to start.

Keep in mind, not all whites (or even off-whites) are created equal. Some whites are warm with yellow or red undertones, some are cool with blue or grey...

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Fabric plays a vital role in interior design.  Designers are well versed in looking at a client's needs and spaces to determine the best type of fabrics work with its function.  Although, there are some upholstery fabrics that can work at drapery, there are few drapery fabrics that work for upholstery.  Fabric is a weave of science and art.  Mallory Jindra of Office Insight recently wrote an article on the importance of understanding fabric...

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Outdoor drapery does a lot more than just provide some privacy for a porch or patio.  When combined with outdoor drapery hardware, they’re a great way to divide your outdoor space into separate "rooms," creating a cozier feel. Outdoor draperies can also be used to bring a little shade and a lot of style to any outdoor space, and they’ll protect your deck furnishings and fabrics from sun damage, too.


We have created five weather...

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Recently, a designer had a certain vision for a window treatment that she was designing for a client but was at stopping point because she could not find drapery hardware to work with her design.  She contacted The Finial Company with a request and drawing of what she needed.  We were happy to help! 


If you have some design challenges with your hardware, and need something special, contact The Finial Company. 

When we say...

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Annapolis Home Magazine featured a beautiful project by interior designer and owner Ty Christian of Parkemoor Home.  Ty called upon the very talented Margaret Blunt of Sew Beautiful when it came to the window treatments.  

Check out the wonderful bay window in the living area.  The curved drapery rod and finials are from The Finial Company. 

If you'd like to see the entire article, click A Visual Symphony to check it out.

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Elegant, and unique clear, acrylic curtain rods and finials add a touch of beauty and uniqueness to any home. If you are a trend setter, and if you appreciate something unique and different then clear, acrylic rods and finials may be the perfect solution for you.