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The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) had declared October “Window Covering Safety Month” in order to promote awareness about products they consider one of the top five “hidden hazards” in the home. According to the CPSC, 184 infants and young children died from strangling in window cords between 1996 and 2012. Additionally, more than 100 non-fatal strangulation incidents were reported. The CPSC encourages parents and...

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Ever wonder what your fascia splice will look like? We cut every fascia splice with a 45 degree angle. This breaks up the visual line of the connection, obscuring the splice better than a straight cut. Poles and fascia will be spliced at the center of the total length. Wood glue is used to secure the connection but is not included, and must be supplied by the installer.



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French doors can be problematic when it comes to window treatments or even providing privacy for your home.  Blinds are nice but sometimes the room design needs a softer visual option that can be obtained with fabric.  Traditional drapery, hung with standard hardware can look awkward if it is too big and stands out too far from the door.

This is why The Finial Company has added a new bracket in the 1/2" steel collection.  The new bracket...

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Metalworking is a science, art, industry and trade, with specialized processes using heat and tools.  At The Finial Company, we make to order our steel poles.  This video will show you how we make a custom bent return on a steel pole.

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With the launch of the new website, The Finial Company wants to remind our distributor partners that there are still Display Boards available to purchase.  These display boards, along with the catalog and finish sample chips, is a great way to visually sell the product to your designers and customers.  There are three boards - each for a net price of $250.00.

  • Wood and Resin Display Board 1 - most recent products and most recent...

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Brenda Baxter, Owner of Custom Drapery Designs, LLC and Stephanie Freeman, Senior Design Consultant, have been using The Finial Company for their window design needs for over 15 years. Their full-service soft goods firm specializes in unique, high-quality custom designs and our hardware collections help them find the right mixture of style and function to turn their clients’ design dream into a reality.

“The beauty of The Finial...

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The Finial Company is known for flexibility – and custom designed drapery solutions are our specialty. Bay windows and corners can be tough to treat, but with custom mitered wood poles, your design visions can become reality.

1.  The Finial Company receives your bay window order from your distributor.  Be sure to check out the helpful custom bay window diagram in the Tools & Tips section of our website. This template includes all of...

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Ellen S. Holt, President of Ellen S. Holt, Inc. recently completed her beautiful window design for the private quarters in the newly constructed George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum. She shared some of the photography with us for a behind the scenes look at this amazing project.  

“The Finial Company was an ideal partner during our recent collaboration for the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum.  This was a...