One-of-a-kind Drapery Hardware

Need a custom bracket, special pole return, or finial adaptor? Our expert team is ready to create unique drapery hardware, specially designed for your window.

Custom Steel Brackets

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If you have a special need, we can create customized drapery brackets to your specifications.

Bypass brackets

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Our bypass brackets and C-rings allow continuous ring movement along the length of your drapery rod. These work particularly well for long one-way draw treatments, unusually wide windows, and walls featuring multiple windows.

Swing arms

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Swing Arms can be a nice solution for window treatments in front of doors, shutters, and other unique areas where the drapery panel needs to conveniently swing out of the way.

Finial adaptors

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If the finial you want isn't shown in the diameter you need, ask us to add a finial adaptor, sold separately. The finial adaptor acts as the new finial base.

Custom tiebacks

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A simple way to add a strong accent to your window design, you may attach the finial or rosette of your choice to create custom tiebacks.

Custom pole returns

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Whether you're working with steel or wood, we can provide custom bent or mitered returns to enhance your window treatment. Single and double pole treatments are available with bent or mitered returns.